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Dhaka University students break padlock, enter Amar Ekushey Hall

Students from Amar Ekushey Hall located at Dhaka University forcefully entered the residence today following the breaking of the padlock near the entry point. They entered the hall at noon, having gathered in front of the entrance to the hall earlier in the morning. Students were in the classroom until they had to file the report at 7:30 pm. Hall officials have tried to convince the hall's owners to leave the hall. Amar Ekushey Hall Provost Dr Ishtiaque M Syed said to The Daily Star that students have entered the hall with force. "We are trying to convince them to get out of the halls." The residence halls at DU were closed for over 18 months because of the Covid-19 epidemic. It was the DU management decided to reopen the halls on 5 October however, only for honours students in fourth year as well as master's degree students that had received at the very least 1 dose of Covid vaccine and have a document to prove it. The students earlier reque